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Aigen 1996: Ḥadesh Yameinu : Renew Our Days : a Book of Jewish Prayer and Meditation. Edited and translated by Rabbi Ronald Aigen. Hampstead, Quebec (Congregation Dorshei Emet - The Reconstructionist Synagogue of Montreal), cop. 1996. ISBN 0-9696927-1-4
Amsterdam 1634: סדור ברכה Orden de bendicion conforme el uſo del K. K. de Sepharad. Añadido y acreſcentado en muchas coſas a las precedentes imprẽſiones. Eſtampado a coſta de vn zeloſo Hebreo. [Amsterdam] (En caſa de Menaſſeh ben Iſrael), Año 5394.)
SpanPortLondon: Book of prayer of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, London : with an English translation. Based principally on the editions of the Rev. D. A. de Sola and Haham Moses Gaster. Revised under the authority of Solomon Gaon, Ph.D., Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregations of Great Britain and published for The Society of Heshaim. Oxford (printed at the University Press for the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue by Vivian Ridler), 5725-1965.
BenIshHai: Midrash BEN ISH HAI: Halakha: "Hanukkah"
Bokser 1983: The Prayer Book : Weekday, Sabbath and Festival. Translated and arranged by Ben Zion Bokser. New York (Behrman House Publishers, Inc.), Cop. 1983.
JudaicOrg: Sephardic Institute: Judaic Seminar: Hanukah Guidelines
Marks 1999: Gil Marks: The world of Jewish cooking. New York (Fireside), 1999. ISBN 0-684-82491-4 (ib.) / ISBN 0-684-83559-2 (hf.)
Pata’h Eliyahou: Rituel de prières Pata’h Eliyahou. Rite sepharade. Édité par Joseph-Élie Charbit. Paris (les éditions colbo), 1994. ISBN 2-85332-150-9
SegalBecause: Eliezer Segal: "Because They Were Included in the Miracle"
Singer 1990: The Authorised Daily Prayer Book of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. Based on the original translation of the Rev. S. Singer. Published for the Centenary of the first edition. With a new translation and Introductions to Sections of the Prayers under the editorial direction of the Chief Rabbi Lord (Immanuel) Jakobovits. London, 1990.
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