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Cohen 1993
Cohen, A., Rev. Dr. (ed.): The Soncino Chumash : the five books of Moses with Haphtaroth. Hebrew text and English translation, with an exposition based solely on the classical Jewish commentaries.
Second edition, fourth impression, London (Soncino), 1993.
Dobrinsky 1988
Herbert C. Dobrinsky: A Treasury of Sephardic Laws and Customs. The Ritual Practices of Syrian, Moroccan, Judeo-Spanish and Spanish and Portuguese Jews of North America. Revised edition. Hoboken, N.J. (KTAV Publishing House, Inc.) & New York, N.Y. (Yeshiva University Press), 1988.
ḤadeshYameinu 1996
Ḥadesh Yameinu : Renew our days : a book of Jewish prayer and meditation. Edited and translated by Rabbi Ronald Aigen.
Montreal (Congregation Dorshei Emet — the Reconstructionist Synagogue of Montreal), cop. 1996.
ISBN 0-9696927-1-4
SpanishPortuguese 1965
Book of Prayer of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, London : Volume One: Daily and Occasional Prayers.
Oxford 5725—1965.
Whitehill 1969
G. H. Whitehill: The Mitsvot of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, London (Sha‘ar Hashamayim) : a Guide for Parnasim by G. H. Whitehill, an Elder of the Congregation / Thesoureiro do Heshaim.
Printed for the Society of Heshaim at the University Press, Oxford, 1969.
Online version: http://www.aldgate.freeserve.co.uk/interests/religion/parnassim1.htm

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