Searching for members for new ensemble


I am currently planning to form a new ensemble in Nassau County, Long Island. The short-term goal is to have a core ensemble consisting of 2–4 violins, a viola, a cello/gamba and a harpsichord — traversos, baroque oboes, baroque bassoons, and/or lutes/theorbos could also be considered.

The goal of the ensemble would be to perform Early Music (Renaissance through Early Romantic periods) according to the principles of Historical Performance Practice. Some key words are: Gut strings, unequal temperament (including mean-tone and well-tempered), vibrato as an occasional ornament rather than as a general tone quality.

Short-term performance goals would be chamber concerts, and also — with added instrumentalists as needed — cantata and oratorio projects in cooperation with local churches and synagogues.

Contact information

Location: Rockville Centre, Nassau County, Long Island, New York, USA